iOS Engineer (Mobile)

Full time
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 Our client’s Digital Solutions (HDS) is an integrated global group of over 3500 technologists and commercial thinkers, working across the globe. Our Client is building digital solutions that will impact the lives of over 41 million customers worldwide. The work of the Digital teams includes developing new mobile apps and online experiences; using digital messaging to enhance customer relationships; building and improving the underlying technology and security platforms; and innovating propositions to compete effectively in a mobile, data-driven world. You will be part of a cross functional team transforming our client’s digital capabilities. Driving innovation, delivering products in ever shortening cycles and helping to drive the continuous improvement of our client’s processes, tooling and engineering practices.

What you will be doing:

  • Proactive collaboration in the project team to help develop the product using your experience to help guide the team through the whole development lifecycle
  • Hands on with Planning, estimating, contributing to the architecture, coding, development
  • Refactoring and continuous improvements of the code bases is vital.
  • Focus on SW quality and delivering quality throughout the whole process
  • Ensuring that technical decisions and information is communicated thorough the global team
  • Taking responsibility of releases and contributing to the ongoing support of the live apps.
  • Keen to collaborate with others, and you’ll give thought about how software fits into the bigger picture
  • Experienced in Continuous Delivery practices and how they affect product quality and delivery
  • Experienced with a range of agile practices and understand how and why they work
  • We promote a DevOps culture so you will need to look beyond pure programming and get involved with the deployment and operation of the software we build.
  • Have strong experience building highly productive teams of technically talented engineers
  • Deliver fair outcomes for our customers and ensure own conduct maintains the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets

What you will bring to the role:

  • Hands on experience on using Swift 4.2 + to develop iOS app, Objective-C is a plus
  • Understanding and experience working with modern design patterns: MVP, MVVM, VIPER
  • Familiarity with UIKit and Human Interface Guidelines
  • Solid experience in writing Unit Tests and UI tests under XCTest framework. Snapshot test is a plus
  • Familiar with third party lib integration and deep understanding how frameworks work in iOS app
  • Use DI wisely in your daily work
  • Experience with source code versioning tools, specifically Github, understanding how git flow works
  • Familiar with security concept and integration is must, like https, cert pinning, encryption and decryption, storing & transmitting data and protecting app user’s data
  • Deep experience working on a team of iOS engineers building and maintaining large scale apps, or apps that you have built personally
  • You should be comfortable with pair programming and code review process
  • Knowledge of agile project management with cross functional teams, using Jira and Confluence.
  • Python is a plus

Our work methodology:

  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Version Control System: GIT
  • Code Reviews: Github
  • Issue tracking tool: JIRA
  • Knowledge repository: Confluence
  • QA Manager, Testers: Yes
  • Agile management: Scrum, Agile

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