On-Shore Off-Site IT services

Our On-Shore Off-Site IT Managed Services provide: efficient, high-quality, flexible IT infrastructure, applications, cloud services, IT network security and support services, while we guarantee to:


  • AF Talent Agency bears general infrastructure costs - customers only pay for the services they use.
  • Our cooperation model eliminates internal costs related to e.g. expiration of the contract / occupancy of the infrastructure.
  • Our model eliminates the costs associated with leaving the company or knowledge transfer.
  • Basic competences in the area of staff development and growth allow us to find the right person within the assumed budget and at the right time, which also allows staff optimization based on customer needs.
  • We have cooperation agreements with partners / distributors of IT equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of purchase.


  • The launch of the IT Training and Innovation Center in our company allows the development of skills and qualifications in new information technologies.
  • Reduction of manual processes due to automation.
  • Customer orientation and customer needs are the roots of our philosophy.
  • A proactive approach to computer sciencethrough frequent analysis to detect root causes and trends.
  • Simplification of the contracting process.
  • Our goal is to achieve economies of scale - a growing number of customers and an increasein customer benefits.
  • We use the lean methodology - maximizing the value provided to the customers while minimizing waste with our identification skills.


Our established partnership with IT industry leaders ensures the provision of secure, reliable and dedicated IT infrastructure, systems and services. We guarantee fulfillment of the safety requirements and compliance policy.